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The Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is organized the fourth edition of its Programme Review.

The objective was to assess, over the years, progress and achievements of the FCH JU programme, notably in relation to the targets of its multi-annual and annual work programmes, as well as in relation to international developments in the field.

Initiated in 2011, this annual exercise, managed by the FCH JU with the input of independent experts, provides feedback on the progress of the portfolio of FCH JU-funded projects identifying key achievements but also potential (new) areas to be addressed or reinforced in subsequent years. The exercise also provides an excellent visibility platform for projects and technological developments achieved in the sector, as well as networking opportunities for project participants.

Elygrid project has been presented in Review Days 2014 with an oral presentation by Mr. Pablo Marcuello, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.

You can see de programme here.


The Local Organizing Committee of ICAE2015 warmly invites you to attend the 7th International Conference on Applied Energy during March 28-31, 2015, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The topic of ICAE2015 is "Clean, Efficient and Affordable Energy for a Sustainable Future". As the conference chairmen, it is a great honor for us to make an invitation for all of you to this exciting event, with the cordial Emirati hospitality and the warm welcome of Abu Dhabi City. As a continuation of this prestigious series conference, we will follow the style of the former six successful Conferences, held in Hong Kong, Singapore, Perugia/Italy, Suzhou/China, Pretoria/South African, and Taipei/Taiwan, to have you enjoy the program and social activities provided by the organizers.

ICAE-2015 will include plenary sessions, keynote lectures, and parallel specialized sessions, and poster sessions on different topics related to applied energy. The host of ICAE2015 is Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). Established as an on-going collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIST is an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. We are looking forward to seeing you all in Abu Dhabi.

Conference Chair: Prof Tariq Shamim and Prof Jinyue Yan.

Elygrid will be present in the conference with a presentation by Jülich.



The Spanish Fuel Cells Association organized the Ibero-American Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2014.

IBERCONAPPICE 2014 was held from October 15 -17, in Barcelona (Spain).

This year, conscious of its dynamic role, APPICE is rolling out a new initiative aimed to the entire Ibero-American community.

IBERCONAPPICE 2014 aims to be the premier forum of encounter and synergy for researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and governments, by seizing the opportunity to become a benchmark in this new field that is destined to revolutionize the supply of energy, and transportation as we know it today.

IBERCONAPPICE 2014 provided the possibility of showcasing for scientific and technological development through discussion of new ideas, presentation of prototypes, innovative energy generation systems related to hydrogen and fuel cells.

Elygrid project has been presented IBERCONAPPICE 2014 with an oral presentation by Mr. Pablo Marcuello, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.


SHFCA 6th Annual Conference takes place on Weds 1st & Thurs 2nd October 2014, on the theme of 'Smarter Energy with Hydrogen & Fuel Cells' and hosted by Aberdeen City Council, at the AECC in Aberdeen.

This prestigous 2014 Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference will showcase the enabling role for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products in the rapidly emerging markets for smart energy systems. This year’s conference programme brings together SHFCA members and invited expert speakers for sessions which will explore how hydrogen and fuel cells can be the smarter choice in Heat, Power, and Transport applications.

Linking all of these activities together in the smart integrated energy systems of the futures is the underpinning theme of Energy Storage & Energy Conversions. The conference will also explore opportunities for effective cooperation and partnership working between countries, both in Europe and internationally.

We are also again holding our annual SHFCA conference dinner, which this year takes place on the evening of Wednesday 1st October. For see the agend click here.

Elygrid project is present in the conference with an oral presentation by Mr. Fernando Palacín, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.

WHEC 2014

The world’s most well-known conference in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells of the IAHE (International Association for Hydrogen Energy), the WHEC (World Hydrogen Energy Conference) was first held in Miami, Florida in 1976. Since then, it has been held every two years at different locations around the world. WHEC hosts more than 10,000 attendees from more than 60 countries. The organization provides participants, exhibitors, and sponsors numerous opportunities to share and exchange scientific information with global leaders in the business, government, and scientific communities. The WHEC exhibition features a variety of hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications from companies and research institutions.

The 2014 edition was held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea, from the 15 June till the 20 June.

The  programme included presentations, workshops, lectures, exhibition related to hydrogen energy and fuel cell products, welcome reception, gala dinner, cultural events and technical tour.

Elygrid project has been presented in WHEC 2014 with two oral presentation by Mr. Pablo Marcuello, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, and Mr. Bhunesh Kumar, of Jülich and with a poster by Mr. Pablo Marcuello, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.


This event took place in Brussels on the 3 April 2014 at the White Atrium, Avenue de la Toison d’Or 56-60, 1060 Brussels, BELGIUM.The FCH JU and the NOW GmbH  organized a full-day workshop on water electrolysis and the application of the technology for energy storage and other purposes.


The central objective of the workshop is to identify technology gaps of electrolysers and to define improvements needed for different water-electrolysis techniques in order to compete with other hydrogen production devices. The identification of the current status and future potential of electrolyser technology applications, such as wind-hydrogen-systems, is another important goal. To this end running, or recently completed, demonstration projects and studies funded by FCH JU and NOW are reported about and available findings are compared.

Find the full agenda here

Elygrid project has been presented in EHEC 2014 with an oral presentation by Mr. Pablo Marcuello, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.


The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) organized the European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC 2014) in Seville, from the 12th to the 14th of March, 2014.

The EHEC 2014 (www.ehec.info) is already a success with scientific works received from 40 countries, some of the most remarkable professionals confirmed as invited speakers and more than 300 professionals already registered. Apart from more than 150 specialized lectures, the EHEC will include a commercial exhibition where fuel cell and hydrogen related products and services will be showcased by companies and public institutions. You will find detailed contents in the official Conference Program.

Hydrogen is seen among energy and transport experts and companies as a promising candidate to become the main energy carrier of the future, along with electricity. Hydrogen fuel does not appear spontaneously in Nature, but can be produced from virtually all energy sources and transformed very efficiently into electricity by using the 21st Century power generators: fuel cells. Fuel cells can provide clean power to vehicles, homes, industries or any other applications; many companies know about it and invest in consequence. However, this is still a steadily improving technology and the scientific effort plays a crucial role in achieving even higher objectives.

Elygrid project has been presented in EHEC 2014 with an oral presentation by Mr. Diego Embid, of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.

8TH International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy

Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Applications, Theory and Modelling, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Synthetic Fuels, Functional Materials.

The 8th International Symposium “Hydrogen & Energy” serves as an information platform of the fundamental science and the frontiers of research in Sciences and Technology of Hydrogen & Energy (Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Applications, Theory and Modelling, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Synthetic fuels). The symposium consists of invited keynote lectures reviewing the key elements of the hydrogen cycle, i.e. the hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen combustion and fuel cells.

Furthermore, contributions on the conversion of renewable energy in general and energy carriers beside and beyond hydrogen are very welcome. The world leading experts present the current research challenges and most important results in invited and contributing talks. Early stage and experienced researchers present their newest results and the open questions on posters as well as in a one slide presentation.

Elygrid project has been presented in 8TH International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy with an oral presentation by Dr. Ulrich Vogt, of EMPA.

Review Days 2013

This year’s FCH JU Programme Review Days took place on 11th and 12th November 2013. The meeting  assessed progress in the portfolio of fuel cells and hydrogen projects in the context of targets fixed in the multi-annual and annual strategic agenda of the FCH JU programme as well as international developments in the field.

Elygrid project has been presented in Review Days with an oral presentation by Mr. Luis Correas Usón, Manager of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, and with a poster.

Elygrid Project will be present in the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety 2013

The 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2013) will be held in Brussels, Belgium on September 9-11, 2013 under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IA HySafe). The conference will be hosted by the Joint Research Centre (Institute for Energy and Transport) of the European Commission and it will improve the public awareness and trust in hydrogen technologies by communicating a better understanding of both the hazards and risks associated with hydrogen and their management. The first four conferences in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 succeeded in attracting the most relevant experts from all over the world, by providing an open platform for the presentation and discussion of new findings, information and data on hydrogen safety – from basic research to applied development and to standardization and regulatory issues.

As we are approaching the beginning of the commercialization phase of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015, ICHS 2013 will focus on progress in safety of hydrogen technologies and infrastructure, as crucial/essential means to enable the transition to a zero carbon energy system. Therefore, the conference seeks papers in a wide range of hydrogen safety topics like (but not limited to) Regulations Codes and Standards, safety in H2 infrastructure, safety solutions for the implemetation of H2 technologies, hydrogen and hydrogen blends behavior, physical effects, consequence analysis, incidents, accidents and near misses, hydrogen effects on materials and components, safety of energy storage, risk management, fuel cells related safety issues. All contributions to ICHS 2013 will be evaluated exclusively in the light of their scientific content and relevance to hydrogen safety.

Elygrid Project will be present in the Conference with a poster. A HAZOP analysis of the FHA alkaline electrolyser and identification of the need for adaptation of existing RCS to the new electrolyser design are also included in the poster.

Elygrid Project presents in the 4th EUROPEAN PEFC & H2 FORUM

The 4th EUROPEAN PEFC & H2 FORUM will be a highlight of the year for those involved with low temperature fuel cells and hydrogen. The Focus lies on low temperature fuel cells including proton exchange membrane, direct fuel cells, alkaline and alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells, and high temperature PEFC, as well as sustainable hydrogen production, storage and infrastructure.

The Topics will range from:

  • International overviews, Regional activities.
  • Materials: Components development, characterisation and fabrication processes.
  • Diagnostics and characterisation; Durability and ageing mitigation.
  • Stack and systems integration; Demonstration and deployment.
  • Sustainable H2 production; H2 infrastructure & storage.
  • Fuel cells training and education programmes.

The venue is once again the attractive "Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern" - KKL on the waterfront of the charming Lake Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland.

The 4th EUROPEAN PEFC & H2 FORUM consists of a Fuel Cell and Hydrogen TUTORIAL on Tuesday, July 2nd, two parallel lecture series from Wednesday, July 3rd to Friday, July 5th and a Fuel Cell EXHIBITION open from 4pm Tuesday to 12pm Friday. On-site registration starts 4pm on Tuesday followed by the Welcome Reception from 6 to 7pm.

The Forum is known for its relaxed atmosphere, good food services and unique entertainment. All participants will receive the Electronic Proceedings at the time of registration. Social gatherings like the "Swiss Surprise", or the "Dinner on the Lake" on board beautifully restored paddle wheel steamers create excellent opportunities for networking and to cultivate friendships.

Elygrid Project presents in the IPHE Workshop “Hydrogen – A competitive energy Storage  Medium for large scale integration of renewable electricity”, Seville

Elygrid project was present in the IPHE Workshop “Hydrogen – A competitive energy Storage  Medium for large scale integration of renewable electricity” in Seville. The main objective of the workshop is to promote and facilitate a first exchange of views among the different stakeholders about the integration of Renewable Electricity through applications of Energy Storage technologies, with emphasis on the potential role of hydrogen as an energy storage medium. The workshop will provide a forum for stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences related to technological, economical, financial regulation, and policy aspects. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to explore potential collaborations. In particular, the goals of the workshop are to:

  • Assess and compare the benefits and drawbacks of the current electric energy storage technologies and other conventional solutions (e.g. new generation and transmission capacity).
  • Review the technical readiness of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and applications.
  • Assess the economics of hydrogen energy storage systems and compare with that of currently available technologies.
  • Discuss the current policy and regulatory frameworks of major member countries of the IPHE and explore potential synergies between IPHE member countries.
  • Present the available public and private financial mechanisms (and actors) for funding energy storage projects, showing illustrative business models, and exploring potential investment opportunities in global markets, particularly for hydrogen energy storage systems.

The deliverable of the workshop will be a publicly available summary report with the main findings, recommendations and conclusions that will be distributed to the IPHE members and posted in the IPHE website. Emphasis will be put on:

  • Further Research and Development (R&D) needs.
  • Potential policy and regulatory measures.
  • Economic incentives and stimulus.
  • Financial drivers and opportunities.
  • Collaborative opportunities.